Notes from our clients

As an infant I was born without both of my lateral incisors (the teeth next to my central teeth, so my canines which normally would be on the sides of my mouth were now front and center. This genetic abnormality made me resemble a vampire). All my life I hated my smile and I knew as an adult I would choose one special doctor that would help me learn to love my smile for the first time. At the age of 30 searching for the best doctor on the East Coast was no easy task, but I was diligent and after weeks of searching through hundreds of doctors online I found the nyccd.com site and reviewed Dr. Emanuel Layliev’s background and decided to meet him for a consult. Upon my arrival from Maryland to New York the staff was surprising pleasant and Dr. Emanuel Layliev was the most humble doctor I’ve ever met in my short existence. He reassured me he could fix my smile, explained in detail how the process would proceed and answered all of my questions. I was sold as he flashed his “PERFECT” smile and told me I would be ok and I trusted his every word. He rushed my case with the lab and received my veneers in a week due to an upcoming surgery and placed my permanent veneers on 6/17/14. I was unprepared to look in the mirror for fear that I wouldn’t like the results, but when I did all I could do was cry. I was so overcome with joy that I sat in his chair and cried like an infant. I couldn’t believe it, but due to his expertise and craftsmanship he made me look like an entirely different person. They were simply beautiful and I walked out of the building floating on air. I am forever grateful to Dr. Emanuel Layliev because he gave me my confidence back and I will spend the rest of my life telling anyone who will listen what a perfectionist he is. Thank you so very much Dr. Emanuel Layliev. You have no idea how much you’ve positively impacted my confidence. Everyday I get to wake up and smile without covering my mouth, or becoming self conscious about how I look. The power of self love is priceless and without a doubt I will be back for my bottom row. Even now i look in the mirror for traces of my old self and smile as I realize that old me is gone. Every time I smile, I am now reminded of you and how hard you worked to help me step out into the world with my head held high.

Forever grateful,

-Benaiah, Government Administration, Maryland.

Dear Dr. Layliev,

Hi Dr Layliev,

My husband and I have been so stressed for the past 9 years (since her accident) because we did not know how this would turn out. Thank goodness we were introduced to you! All our heartache went away when we saw the result! We (and Ricki) could not be happier and we have you to thank!!

With all our gratitude,

- Nicey and Steven, Long Island

Dear Dr. Layliev,

Thank you so much Dr. L. We very very lucky to have found you. It’s funny, years ago–after the initial work by Jeff–one day when Robin needed a touch up, only you were available to see her. We were both worried: how could anyone compare with the “best”?

But we actually loved the work you did for Robin. I remember you slightly altering the shape of two of her teeth and it was subtle but we are teeth people –big time– and loved the change. You made her child teeth a little more sexy and grown up by squaring them off, just as she was coming into her own as a young woman. It is that attention to detail that you possess just as your mentor did. And you will have the same success (though you already do!) in your career for sure. After that Robin only requested seeing you from then on.

- Rina, Connecticut

Dear Dr. Layliev,

I just got home from NY. Jeff and I were great friends. I know he is smiling down knowing that he made the right choice with you. And I know Jeff very well. He would be proud, as he should be. Thank you for giving me back a reason to smile, in more ways than one. You are an amazing dentist, and I can’t begin to tell you what it means for me to trust someone else with my teeth. Jeff and I talked a lot about this over dinners. He clearly was so diligent in picking his predecessor. I’m actually more proud of him than you! Please let me know what I can do to help promote you. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

- Julie, HR Marketing Leader

I came all the way from India with a very serious issue with my front two teeth. I had to trust in someone after three dentists had already caused damage to my healthy teeth. It was an emergency situation and I didn’t trust anyone back home. I stumbled upon the NYCCD website and couldn’t have been happier. Dr. Layliev not only worked on restoring the health of my teeth but actually patiently worked on making them look their best.

Sometimes you take a chance because, how do you know who is actually good through a website? I must say I’m glad I did my research and found a one of a kind gentleman and true artist par excellence. The staff truly cares about your well being and no matter how long it takes in my experience, they give you exactly what you want. Extremely reasonable for the level of work. I would highly recommend NYCCD to anyone who needs a fantastic dentist.

- Dilshad P., Therapist
Mumbai, India

It is with utmost pleasure that I write this review about Dr. Layliev. Dr. Layliev’s expertise along with his eye for perfection are unsurpassed by specialists in his field. For 40 years, I was too embarrassed and insecure of my smile because of a large gap between my front two teeth. This was always problematic since my job requires a lot of talking. When I met Dr. Layliev, he explained to me that the best way to fix my imperfection was to bond my teeth.

Before he began transforming my smile, he thoroughly explained the process and placed temporary molding on my teeth so I knew exactly what the final result will look like. After Dr. Layliev completed my look and handed me a mirror, I was so emotional. He not only changed my smile and my entire look, he changed my life forever because of the confidence I now have. Dr. Layliev’s personable demeanor along with his knowledgeable approach set him apart from all other dentists I’ve met. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top dentist in Manhattan.

- Galina O., Teacher
New Jersey

I found NYCCD by conducting a bit of on-line research. I had a chipped bit of a porcelain veneer to attend to. After living in Houston for the better part of 25 years, I was apprehensive about finding a dentist as wonderful as my dentist in Houston (the splendid Ronald Konig). The office is elegant; it’s located in a town home and has a serene feeling. The ladies at the reception desk were capable, efficient, and friendly. I was seen by Emanuel Layliev exactly on time. He quickly analyzed the problem, recommended the least complicated (and least expensive) course of action, and then with great care and skill made the repair.

He and his technician were friendly and engaging. I returned a few weeks later for a teeth cleaning. It was expertly done by a wonderful technician, Shayla. After the cleaning, Dr. Layliev examined his earlier work (about which I had no complaint) and determined to do a bit of polishing, at no charge. Each time, I paid by credit card for the full amount of the services. Full payment is required. I received a partial reimbursement from my dental insurance (the claim was submitted by NYCCD). No doubt there are many places in or near New York City where the work can be performed for less cost.

However, knowing that I am in capable hands means a great deal to me, and the extra expense is well worth it. I once had some very questionable dental work performed by a dentist with whom I was not familiar, and it is a mistake I intend never to duplicate. I am pleased to have found dental nirvana in NYC.

- Lawrence F., Investment Banker

It’s been long overdue for me to write a review about my favorite dental office in the world, and believe me I’ve been to a few in different countries as I’ve moved around a few times. Aside from being extremely professional, everybody in this office is very friendly and welcoming, and in a fast-paced city like NYC they actually have all the time in this world for you. I have been worked on by both Dr. Golub and Dr. Layliev and they are both unique in their own ways. Dr. Golub blends in his artistic abilities and talent with his dental experience and gives you the best advice with your aesthetic work and brings it to life. He makes your hours on dental chair fly by entertaining you with his fun stories and sometimes some videos on youtube. Ccool, right?! And, Dr. Layliev is a perfectionist who would go out of his way to accomplish magically impeccable work. (He actually redid some work for me without me even complaining about it – not to mention completely free of charge). Glad I have an excuse to go back there regularly for check ups/cleaning with Shayla.

Overall I can’t tell you enough about this office; have your work done here by professionals once and for all. They will make you smile, and will give you a beautiful smile! I’ll be back here for the rest of my life no matter where in the world I will be living. Thank you guys!

- Parisa A., Design student

Dr. G-E,
I just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful teeth!! I don’t think they could have come out better, and that’s solely a result of all the time and thoughtful attention you put into them. I am so lucky to have found you! Thanks, too, for fixing the veneer on bottom, that’s extremely nice of you.

- Tina M.
Greenwich, CT

Dear Dr. G,
You are the most refreshing and wonderful dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being worked on by you and Dr. Layliev. I am truly taken back by your email and the kindness it shows. I can honestly say, up to this day, I’ve never in my life received a gift from a dentist. My dental problem truly was a very long, expensive, and at times, dark road (over 2 years to be exact!), and you and Dr. Layliev were the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy with my finished product and with my new pearly whites and I am having a ball flashing them all over town! I find myself staring into the mirror and not believing what is looking back at me in my mouth. My two caps look far better than veneers I have seen others wearing. I am so, so happy with the final product.

You run an incredibly efficient and talented office, and Sandra is the most professional, patient, and wonderful person I have ever dealt with at a dentist’s office. Your entire staff is a dream team. My mom is coming in to see you next, as she absolutely loves the transformation in my smile. When I went to my mom’s spa in Larchmont the women were amazed at how beautiful my teeth were. And I am so proud to give your name and the office’s phone number out to others.

Not only are you and Dr. Layliev exceptional dentists, and artists, but you are my new heroes. You gave me my confidence back. A million thank you’s will never suffice for how grateful I am that I came to you and your office. I feel so blessed to have been worked on by such craftsmen.

– Ciara , Law Student
Westchester, N.Y.

What can I say, but “THANK GOODNESS” I found Dr. Layliev. I noticed that I started to have issues with my teeth. Being a model/actor, I needed someone who can understand and help me with my concerns…I’m so glad I made that call to Dr. Manny (easier to pronounce) and made that consultation/app’t. He’s such a nice person who sincerely cares, listens to you, professional and ahead of the times..He’s knowledgeable, takes pride in what he does and it has to be perfect. Oh, and…IT DOESN’T HURT! The staff are just wonderful people! It’s nice to go there and be greeted with a warm Hello and a Smile. The office is comfortable and has a relaxing environment. No stress there! I found my new dentist just in time! Mahalo Nui Loa.

-Barbara , Model/actress

I’ve never met a dentist that I actually look forward to going to see. He is gentle, accommodating and genuinely concerned about the patient’s well being. All that in addition to he is a true artist and good at what he does.”

Dr. Layliev has been a life saver in fixing so much of my previous dental work done by doctors who don’t have the same keen eye and attention to detail. Thank you Layliev…big smiles all because of YOU!!

- Kayte , Project Manager
New Jersey

A terrible experience left me with a bone-deep fear of dentists. My teeth were grey & black as a child, and yellow & pitted as an adult, so after seeing an article about NYCCD & its caring staff I thought this might be the office that could help me (though it took years to gather the courage to go for a consultation).

All my life I’d equated dentists with misery – just sitting in the chair would start my trembling and tears. But Dr. Layliev changed all that. I didn’t realize what a burden this flaw in my appearance had become until he lifted it from my shoulders. His compassionate care helped me confront and overcome my crippling fear.

I never thought I’d have a smile I could show, let alone show off! Friends can’t put their finger why I seem different; some say I look years younger and attribute it to my now constant smile. Most telling: I wore a cream colored blouse recently – for the first time my teeth were the whiter of the two!

- Anne , Technical designer
New Jersey

Dear Dr. Golub and Dr. Layliev,
I wanted to send you both a little note telling you how happy I am undergoing treatment with you. After a long journey, I feel so comfortable coming to your office. I can feel the compassion, kindness, honesty and dedication to the craft, in your office that I rarely see elsewhere and I appreciate it (and you!) so much. I’m already loving my Invisalign and really looking forward to having a beautiful smile soon!!

- Pooja , Lifestyle Consultant
New York, N.Y.

I just received some pictures from my wedding reception that I wanted to pass along to you. Thank you so much for the amazing work that you did on my teeth. I really appreciate it and I can not even begin to express my gratitude. Now, I have a care-free smile and I no longer feel self-conscious about showing my teeth…now I will have wonderful pictures in my wedding album that I am not in the least bit obsessing over my smile (well, I will, of course, find something to focus on but, it will not be my teeth!)

- Madison , Banker
New York City

Ever since I was 12 years old I had a discolored tooth in the front of my mouth which really made me self-conscious and bothered me. I had gone to about five different dentists but they all gave me crazy advice like to extract the tooth or no advice at all! I really thought there was no hope and that I was going to be stuck with the discolored tooth for the rest of my life, which made me extremely self-conscious about my smile and me. A family dentist referred me to Dr. Layliev for a consult and upon entering his office and meeting him for the first time, I knew that I was in the right hands. Dr. Layliev did an amazing, unbelievable job and I am SO happy with his work. There is absolutely NO way I can thank him enough. He went an extra few miles for me and gave me my smile back; Dr. Layliev and his team are extremely talented, kind, and professional. My friends and family are constantly telling me how beautiful my smile is now and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My smile is amazing and I just can’t stop smiling!! Thanks to Dr. Layliev and his amazing team!!!

- Daniela , Administrative Assistant
Queens, N.Y.

Just wanted to let you know that my editorial shoot for NY Magazine made the cover last week! Although you don’t see much of my teeth, since I’ve been doing the Invisalign treatment, I feel much more confident about my smile and I truly think it’s helped me book more work! Thanks Dr Layliev!

- Danielle , Actress/model

Dr Golub isn’t just a dentist; he is a genius, and i feel so blessed to have been his patient. Now i cant stop smiling! In honor of my midlife crisis I had my pretty , imperfect teeth changed by a cosmetic dentist . They were made big and bold, but the teeth also altered my look and made me look older. I became very self conscious of smiling. After living with them for two years, i just couldn’t do another day, and i wanted what I had before. Dr Golub not only corrected “my mistake” in changing my teeth, he also made me look significantly younger as if I had had plastic surgery. It was a miracle; he even corrected a slight speech impediment. My original teeth were nice, but they never looked this pretty.

- Christina , Executive

Dr. Golub,
Love love love my wedding pics! My teeth look great!

Hope you are smiling, -Whitney, Journalist, Austin, Texas

Dear Dr. Layliev,
I want to thank you for giving me a reason to smile every time I look in the mirror! My teeth look amazing; every time I come see you they look better and better! The bonding you did to my teeth makes such a wonderful difference in my appearance. My friends and family are consistently telling me how great it looks. So thank you for making me smile everyday! I love coming to see you and your staff; sometimes I think I just make up reasons to come for a visit!!!

- Stacy , ESL teacher
New York City

After interviewing seven cosmetic dentists in the New York metropolitan area to select one that would make me smile again, I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Golub-Evans. Presenting a difficult case to undo damage to my upper front teeth, Dr. Golub-Evans, a skilled artist/sculptor and genius with a warm, sensitive and caring manner, and with staff who are equally sensitive and caring, restored my smile, both inside and out. Thank you, Dr. Golub-Evans, ‘cosmetic dentist of the decade,’ for making me smile again!

- Esther , College Professor
New York

Hi, Dr. Jeff! I just wanted to let you now how much I LOVE my new teeth!!! I’ve always dreamed of getting my teeth done but never thought I would because I didn’t think I could afford it and I never knew what dentist to go to (so many people’s teeth look worse after they get them done)!! But you were so generous with your pricing and SUCH a talented dentist that I really lucked out!! A little dream came true for me, thanks to you Everyone loves the way they look! Words I’ve heard are “Perfect,” “Natural,” & “Amazing.” And I agree with all of that! I feel like you ratcheted me up a notch by giving me an exceptional smile. I’m SO excited!!! I feel like I’ve been miling like an idiot since I left your office!! LOL. Thanks again! And I’ve had the most pleasant and enjoyable times coming to visit your office. Who knew going to the dentist could be so great!!! xxoo

- Rachael , Actress
New York. NY

I had a large space between two of my front teeth and had gone to a previous dentist to have it bonded. I was unhappy with the results (bonding material came out, not to mention pain and bleeding of the gums). I worked up the courage to undergo the process of bonding once again, but this time with Dr. Layliev. It was an entirely different scenario with him. He was professional, soothing and my teeth are perfectly bonded 5 months later – minus any discomfort. It was a smooth process and it looks great!!

- Monica , Clinical Psychologist
New York, NY

“All I can tell you is that your daughter is right, you are a super hero! I thought of you and my beautiful new smile all day long…. Truly, I love love love love my new teeth! I feel ten years younger…you are amazing, thank you so much, Jeff!”

- Brook , Banker
Rye, NY

Dear Dr. Jeff,
I want to emphasize that I could not be happier with my smile. I have had more complements on my smile this past week than the previous 33 years combined, including a simple “wow” and a smile from one of the dentists that works in my clinic.

As you said, “we do nice work once in a while.” Amazing.

Thanks again.

- Michael , Physician
Tampa, FL

Dear Dr. Jeff,
I just wanted to say a final thank you for all your hard work with my (rubbish British) teeth.

I am absolutely delights with the final result and wanted to thank you and your team for all your patience, hard work, and artistry. My teeth are now splendid and I get remarks almost daily on how wonderful they look.

I look forward to seeing you in the future and wish you all the very best for the rest of 2010.

- Humphrey Banker

Not only is the atmosphere of the cozy 71st Street townhouse so relaxing that you might forget you’re at the dentist, but the results of my dentistry were just so astonishingly successful that I wish I had known about this exceptional practice years ago.

After a year on the Invisalign program that had fixed about 80% of a teeth-spacing problem, I was pretty happy with the results. But then Dr. Layliev went the extra mile, and bonded my teeth perfectly– no space, exact match. When I looked in the mirror, I was literally speechless. 100% perfect. An issue I’d had for twenty years, gone. How often can a person count going to the dentist as a truly wonderful experience? But that’s what you get at NYCCD.

- Adele , Freelance writer

I spent my first 38 years smiling at the world, and the last 38 years hiding it. Thanks to a few hours in Dr. Layliev’s chair, I’ll spend the rest of my life smiling. A good friend recommended Dr. Layliev to me. Let me be a good friend and recommend him to you.

- Larry Ellis , Actor/singer/teacher,
New York City

Dr. Layliev and the staff at NYCCD did an amazing job whitening and bonding my teeth. They spent so much time making my smile absolutely perfect! I’ve gotten tons of compliments and I have so much more confidence now. Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful experience!

- Jen , Registered Nurse
New York

Michael and I cannot thank Dr Golub enough for his wonderful work on both of our smiles. Because of the concentrated time, detailed skill and unique considerations he gave each of us, we were able to confidently smile non-stop and beam in the overwhelming joy and happiness of our wedding day.

- Jackie
New York

Dr. Golub’s office is decorated with his own paintings and artwork and after a few moments of conversation with him, it’s clear that his keen sense of aesthetics and artistry deeply affect his work. During my consultation, he listened carefully to my thoughts before devising a plan to correct a long-standing irregularity in my front tooth and offering several astute suggestions for other overall improvements. I soon found that he has an able counterpart with his partner Dr.Layliev, who is both kind and meticulous with his work. He has quickly begun to straighten my lower teeth, which remained crooked even after several years of braces.

I could not be more pleased with my experience. Everyone at the office is extremely friendly and the results have been magnificent. It’s a strange experience to encounter someone who seems to care as much about your appearance as you do, but Dr. Golub certainly does!

- Courtney , TV Producer
New York

My experience at NYCCD has been a wonderful one! Both, Dr. Golub-Evans and Dr. Layliev are exceptional people. Several years ago, Dr. Golub-Evans bonded my front tooth. He did such a fabulous job that you couldn’t even tell that my tooth had been broken. Thank you Dr. Golub for making my teeth look beautiful! About a year ago, I noticed that my teeth were shifting. Dr. Layliev saved my smile! He did a fantastic job straightening and bonding my teeth. Not only is Dr. Layliev meticulous and talented, he is also a kind and warm-hearted person. He is also very dedicated and professional. My smile looks awesome! Thank you Dr. Layliev for everything!!

- Alisa , Teacher
New York

I’ll miss the Yankees, I’ll miss New York, and I’ll definitely miss the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

- Jason , Baseball player
Oakland , California

My life is balanced. I teach fifth grade and the kids are difficult this year, but my new smile was easy. They look beautiful thanks to the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

- Jennifer , Teacher
New York City

I haven’t bit anyone yet with them, but they look gorgeous.

- Tammy , Dancer
Las Vegas, Nevada

How did I go through life without Dr. Jeff and Dr. Manny?? I would never have suspected that two of the top cosmetic dentists in the country would have so much compassion and heart for the people they work with. I came into the office with some very bad dental work and a new fear of dentists. Dr. Jeff listened through my sobs to what had happened and completely put me at ease. He knew exactly what to do to fix the previous work and put me at complete ease. Because they are the best dentists in the world, they not only fixed the problems, they corrected the cosmetic aspect of my teeth as well. Dr. Manny even called me Saturday after my Friday procedure to check on me and leave his cell number just in case. Because of my personalized care, I now have the most beautiful teeth! They look naturally perfect; strangers compliment me all the time and I can’t help but smile and beam. How can you feel beautiful with a less than beautiful smile? A smile makeover is one of the most confidence boosting things I’ve ever done. I recommend NYCCD at every opportunity — they are amazing people, amazing dentists and the most wonderful staff. No matter where life takes me, I will be back to them for all my dental care.

- Jennifer , Marketing and Sales
New York

Beatrice and Chris

Dear Dr. Jeff, We were laughing and thought we’d make a cute present for you…the best thing in the picture are your teeth… Happy holidays
Beatrice and Chris, LA and New York

Dear Dr. Jeff, We were laughing and thought we’d make a cute present for you…the best thing in the picture are your teeth… Happy holidays

- Beatrice and Chris
LA and New York

It’s not easy to improve perfection but you’ve certainly more than succeeded when you re-did my veneers. The difference between them and the old ones is as striking as the difference between my old veneers and my original teeth. Thanks to you, I now have the perfect smile I always wanted. Please give my regards to your courteous, professional staff. I was always treated with the outmost kindness and attention and, from the first visit in your office, it was clear to me that both you and your personnel treat your patients as individual people, not cases. I would sincerely recommend your clinic to anyone.

- Ivona , Attorney
New York

My smile is perfect and I want to thank you so very much for changing something so small that makes such a huge difference; I am forever grateful.

- Nicolle , Fashion Reporter

After years of small, missing and otherwise oddly shaped teeth, I had my top teeth bonded by Dr. Golub. The results are outstanding and quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself! The three hour procedure was entirely painless and I continue to get endless compliments from family, friends, and even strangers! In fact, the other day, a cashier asked me if I wore braces for years to get my teeth this straight! I never had braces and the kudos belong entirely to Dr. Golub! I found Dr. Golub and his entire staff to be professional, kind, and polite. For those people that are considering cosmetic dentistry, I urge you to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Golub to discuss your treatment plan. I was amazed to find a Doctor who was willing to sit down with me and discuss various procedures and my treatment options at length. He is truly talented!

- Tara , Attorney
New York

This was the most exciting and best thing that ever happened to me except getting married. Dr. Golub gets an A+ in all areas: for superior work, personality, and congeniality; as do all of his assistants and office personnel. Every time I look into the mirror I will always remember this experience was the best thing I ever did for myself.

- Judith , Teacher
New York

Dr. Golub is the master! He truly cares about his patient. He is a perfectionist; his work is phenomenal and he tailors his work to the individual. I love my new teeth! Thank you, Dr. Golub!

- Leah , CPA
Rhode Island

I am writing to thank Dr. Golub for the great job you have done for me. People say that looks don’t necessarily change your life, which may be true, but let’s not forget the fact that people often judge you by appearance, especially on making first impressions. When you’re trying to land that new job, or maybe even a date–just about anything in life–looking good makes you feel more comfortable and more willing to take the pressure that life has put on us. A smile is the Queen of good looks, or like the crown that tops a King’s head. I cannot count the number of times I walked by a nice girl or a good friend and thought to myself, “I wish I could give her the most beautiful smile in the world”…if I had one. Now, I do! Thank you for everything!

- Angelko , Waiter
New York

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I look in the mirror everyday and see a new, better, and happier person and it’s all thanks to you. You have not only changed my smile, you have transformed my outlook on life. I have never been happier or more confident than I am right now–I feel like I can conquer the world. With the work you have done to re-create my smile, you have created a new me. I can finally, after all these years, be myself. I can finally show everyone the real Lisa–the one who loves to smile at all those I come across, the one who loves to laugh out loud at a good joke–because of you, I no longer have to hide my smile and cover my mouth. At last, I feel at ease around other people, but more importantly, with myself. Dr. Golub, you are truly a miracle worker, to say the least. I thank you and all of your staff for their kindness and their ability to keep me at ease when I was nervous. Since you all have come into my life, I cannot stop smiling! To everyone contemplating coming in for a consultation, know this: You are dealing with the greatest hands and most wonderful cosmetic dentist ever! Do not be nervous, and know that this is the best thing you can EVER do for yourself. You will not only leave his office with a gorgeous smile, but you will become someone you never thought you could be. I have faced, in the few months I have had my new smile, so many obstacles that I avoided in the past because of my teeth than I have in all of my years. I am Dr. Golub’s most truly indebted patient.

- Lisa Personal Assistant
New York

All of my life, I had horrible spaces in my teeth that even three years of braces could not correct. That’s where Dr. Golub came in. Weary of any dental work because I’m afraid of pain, I hesitated to even go in for a consultation. However, I figured that if I didn’t do this for myself, that no one would and I had nothing to lose just going in and meeting Dr. Golub and getting a feel of the atmosphere of the office and staff. I went in, and after meeting him, I was hooked and I knew this was the place for me. The procedures went smoothly and I could not be happier. The compliments on my teeth are never ending and even though that wasn’t the point of doing the work, it always makes me smile more. :

- Diana , Realtor
New York


I can not describe how much I LOVE my smile since I began seeing Dr Layliev! The cosmetic work that he has done for me is so beautiful and natural looking. The girls in the office are so friendly and I truly feel spoiled rotten whenever I visit. My only regret is not finding Dr Layliev sooner….

- Michelle , Actress
New York

Seventeen years ago I decided to treat myself to porcelain veneers. To this day, I still get compliments on my teeth. Dr. Golub is amazingly talented with a wonderful disposition. Anyone considering cosmetic dentistry should run here!

- Jean , Secretary
New York

Dr. Golub-Evans, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic smile you gave me. Your meticulous work has made a significant impact on my smile. After all the failed attempts from other cosmetic dentists, I’m so glad I found you! You are truly a premier smile artist. I hope the rest of the world gets to see your talent!

- Stephanie , Civil Engineer
New Jersey

“First of all, I just want to tell you how profoundly you have changed Robin’s life with her glorious new smile. She looks and feels fabulous and for a young girl that really means a lot. You did a ridiculously great job, as always, and we are so very grateful for your artistry, and “bedside” manner. I thank you, Robin thanks you. Thank you. The teeth are spectacular! “

- Rina & Robin , Mom and Student

“Dr. Golub-Evans is not only a warm and friendly person, but he is a true artist. He turned my yellow child like teeth into a mature and radiant smile. He carefully listened to every one of my requests and gave me a smile more perfect for my face than I ever could have imagined. I feel more confident than I ever have in my life and I can’t stop smiling. I am truly grateful.”

- Debby , Portfolio Investment Analyst
New York

“You have got such beautiful teeth,” is the compliment I get most. People might compliment you in a different fashion with various motivations, but this one is the most common and genuine one I get. “They are so white, gleaming—just perfect,” and I always respond, with a huge smile of course, that “I am just lucky, thank you.” But, I leave out that I’m lucky to have the best dentist, my honored Dr. Golub!”

- Wen , Flight Attendant


“Dr. Golub is the most talented and accomplished cosmetic dentist I have found. He really improved my smile and confidence. He is clearly an artistic dental genius and he will be the only cosmetic dentist in the world for me. Dr. Golub, please let me thank you for the following reasons:

  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your confidence
  • Your patience
  • Your attention to detail
  • Your sensitivity
  • Your drive for perfection
  • Your easy nature
  • The staff you work with
  • There’s one thing for sure, with every happy smile I have you to thank.”

- Erika
New Jersey

“After a long battle with an illness that began from tooth infection, I needed and wanted a new smile to celebrate my full recuperation. Thankfully, my daughter recommended me to one of the best cosmetic dental teams in NYC. Both Dr. Golub-Evans and Dr. Layliev took on my case, developed a plan and in a couple of months, I had a beautiful white smile that was not only aesthetically perfect for the shape of my face but they also guaranteed my oral health. They are true professionals and artists and I will be eternally grateful to them for giving me a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.”

- Alicia
New Jersey

“I was just writing to thank you again for the great job you did with bonding my teeth and at the same time changing my life. For years I’ve been trying to find a easier solution to the under bite I’ve been born with, but the solution that dentists have given me is to wear braces for years and have a surgery performed which involves breaking my jaw and replacing it to correct the bite. I’m actually not THAT uncomfortable with the under bite to undergo such a drastic procedure; but the bite has caused my teeth to basically be very out of place. The combination of the under bite and crooked teeth has caused me to be very self conscious about my smile and the thought of surgery I felt was not an option because I feel that re-arranging your jaw through surgery was a very big, severe step that was unnecessary. My mother called your office a few months ago and explained my situation to a very helpful and caring secretary, who said she would personally tell you my situation and let us know if anything could be done before coming in for an appointment. We then came to your office for a consultation and you very enthusiastically approached my situation and took the challenge to bond and basically “fix” my teeth appearance without the need of braces and surgery. I was VERY excited and couldn’t wait for the procedure. The procedure went over better than I ever expected. It was unbelievable. You basically fixed any kind of insecurity I have about my teeth. My confidence sky-rocketed and I almost immediately moved to Atlanta, where I received a new job from being unemployed, and am registered for college in the fall. I have a craving to be as successful as I can be because of all the years of letting insecurities hold me back, and now I am myself, just with a huge boost of motivation and confidence that can’t be denied. Overall, I just wanted to thank you so much. I don’t know HOW you did it, but you did it very well and I promise I will get the most out of my new confidence as I can. Thanks so much Dr. Golub and I hope that everything goes great with you too.”

– Joesph

“It was unlike any other dental office from the very first time I walked in to NYCCD. From the paintings on the walls to the exceptionally attentive staff and, of course, Dr. Layliev, who created a sense of partnership on a road to success rather than your routine doctor-patient relationship. All of it proved to make a difference when I look at myself in a mirror today. I do have a great smile and am reminded of that everyday by complements from people who knew me beforehand and others who didn’t. The results are truly beyond expectations. Thank you Dr. Layliev and thank you all at NYCCD! I know it is going to sound like a cliche but you are changing my life in a very exciting way…Thank you! Really!”

- Yulia , Consultant

“I consider myself extremely discerning about appearances, so I was nervous about having work done on my teeth. But Dr. Layliev quickly earned my complete trust. Not only is he extremely meticulous, thorough and diligent, he is a true artist, who made sure even my temporary veneers looked impeccable. He’s also just a sweet, warm-hearted person who always took time to address my questions or concerns and never rushed or cut corners to make my smile absolutely perfect–and it is!! Dr. Layliev–thank you for all your hard work!”

- Amy , Writer

“I came to Dr. Layliev several months before my wedding desperately hoping that he could somehow do what three years of braces couldn’t. I assumed it would take months to get my teeth even close to picture-ready. Wrong! In four visits, my teeth were perfect. I still have trouble believing it. Dr. Layliev has a calming ease about him that made visits a pleasure and his ardent insistence on perfection made me feel as though he were working not on my teeth, but his own. Not only did Dr. Layliev close the previously triumphant front gap; but he also remedied three years of dental neglect, created a guard to help me stop grinding my teeth at night, and gave me a take-home whitening kit so I could freshen up right before the wedding. It’s almost inconceivable how quickly and attentively he addressed every issue and his intuition was always spot-on. My teeth are gorgeous a nd I feel confident going into the big day. Thank you, Dr. Layliev.”

- Sara , Law student
New York

“I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to Dr. Layliev who performed numerous procedures for me. Whether it was a routine visit or an emergency he was always available for me. Being a perfectionist myself I can confidently say that the work that Dr. Layliev did was excellent. His knowledge and kindness have made working with him a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend him!”

- Polina ,Fashion Executive
New York

“I am writing you today because I would like to share the experience that I’ve had with your partner, Dr. Emanuel Layliev. I found his work to be quite meticulous and I found him to be quite talented and professional. I was extremely satisfied and I would recommend him to my family and friends… You have a very talented new member to your team, which reflects on the great reputation that the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry already has… “

- Anna-Marie
New York

Dr. Golub, thank you for giving me the smile I’ve always wanted! It couldn’t be any better!!! Best wishes, as always, to you and your family.

- Carol , Teacher
New York

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