Teeth whitening is the new power lunch. No longer do you have to spend months and thousands of dollars for shinier chompers; now you can get a brighter smile in the time it normally takes to grab your soup and sandwich. To get your teeth significantly whiter in 45 minutes, Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans deploys something called the Zoom2! lamp, which uses a military-strength version of amorphous calcium phosphate-1 in addition to hydrogen peroxide. What does this mean for you? Other dentists charge up to $1,500 for a session with this device, but Golub-Evans whose impressive Wall of Fame attests to his significant client list, charges a ridiculously reasonable $600 for 45 minutes, which includes the customized mouth guard for at-home touch-ups that most other dentists charge extra for. A Quick White fifteen-minute session is only $200.

-New York Magazine