The Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Veneers

July 8, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular options in cosmetic dentistry today. Veneers are thin, translucent, custom made “shells” designed to match teeth exactly. They are bonded onto the front of teeth and look just like natural teeth. Preparation of each tooth for veneers requires shaving down a thin layer of the tooth front to make room for it.

Veneers can be used to repair chips and some breaks, to even out the appearance of teeth, or to close minor gaps between teeth. They are also a great alternative for whitening teeth with internal staining that cannot be bleached conventionally. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain veneers.

Advantages of Veneers

The biggest advantage of having dental veneers is that they are beautiful and look natural. Veneers are not bulky, and are designed to perfectly replicate the dimensions and contours of natural teeth in their natural shape. Furthermore, gum tissues generally tolerate veneers well. They are durable enough to withstand biting force and are actually harder than natural enamel. Finally, veneers are stain-resistant, resisting common stain sources like tobacco, coffee, tea, and certain foods.

Disadvantages of Veneers

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of veneers is their expense. Because veneers are often used in cosmetic applications, they are often not covered under dental insurance plans. Another disadvantage of veneers is that if they break, they may be impossible to fix and may have to be replaced. Some patients find that a tooth with a veneer is more sensitive than their other teeth. Patients should be conscientious about caring for their veneers. People who have veneers should refrain from using teeth as “tools” for opening bags or ripping apart chewy foods, for example.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Good candidates for porcelain veneers are people who have basically healthy teeth and good dental hygiene habits. Anyone getting veneers should understand their benefits and risks and should discuss with their cosmetic dentist the results they want. Veneers are a great choice for those who have teeth with the types of stains that cannot be bleached through conventional cosmetic tooth whitening.

If you’re interested in improving your smile with dental veneers, the first step is contacting an experienced cosmetic dentist like those at the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Your cosmetic dentist should not only have extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, but should take the time to understand what makes your smile uniquely beautiful and help you achieve the look that you want.

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