Burden and Discomfort of Dental Visits Eased With New Technologies

October 27, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental News

nyccdAn emerging technology has the capability to combine tooth-milling machines, databases, digital imaging, and computer-aided design to improve the dental treatment of patients. Overall, the system aims to reduce the number of visits a patient needs to make to their dental office, which will save time. This technology is nothing new, but previous versions of the setup and software were inefficient and difficult to use. However, with the new upgrades, customer service has greatly improved.

Previously a patient needing a crown would undergo numbing of the mouth, and then they bite down on a chewy substance in order to create a mold. The mold is then sent off to a lab where the crown is created and the patient has to come back to have it installed. With a computer-aided design, the procedure is less intrusive because a 3D image of the damaged tooth is created. The cost of the procedure for the patient is the same, yet the service is much better.

However, the biggest barrier in terms of switching to the modern system, is the cost of installation. A dental office might have to spend $90,000 to $140,000 for a fully functioning system.


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