Self Check for Mouth Cancer

November 23, 2015 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental News, Dental Tips

With November being Mouth Cancer Action Month, the Mouth Cancer Foundation is using this month to encourage people to “Bite Back at Mouth Cancer” by following a simple head and neck cancer check which can be carried out by anyone at home anytime. Below are tips for your simple self-check for mouth cancer:


Look at your whole face. Are there swellings that weren’t there before? Has anything on your skin changed recently? Have moles become larger or started to itch or bleed?


Run your fingers under your jaw and feel along the muscle on the sides of your neck by using your fingers. Are there swellings? Do both sides feel and look the same?


Use your index, middle and thumbs to feel the inside of your mouth. Look for any sores or changes in color in your mouth.


Use your forefinger on the inside and outside of the gum to feel for anything unusual.


Look for any red or white patches, ulcers, lumps or tenderness.


Look for any swelling, ulcer or change in color.

It is important to be aware of any changes in your mouth as it can be a symptom of mouth cancer. Early detection plays a key role in mouth cancer, so it is vital to check for any changes regularly. Because oral cancers are often painless it is important to be aware of the general signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. For more information and the full check list, visit this website.

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