For Children With Autism Or Extreme Fears Of Dentist, Things May Have Gotten Easier:

May 19, 2015 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental News

Many children with autism spectrum disorder as well as children with dental anxiety have very hard times visiting the dentist. Because these children can be so uncomfortable at the dentist, often times parents have no choice but to not take them at all. However, thanks to new research to University of Southern California, children with extreme fears of visiting the dentist may be able to visit the dentist after all.

Many times, children with such fears often show heightened responses to sensory input and find situations such as visiting the dentist very uncomfortable. Since dental offices contain bright lights, loud sounds from dental equipment, etc. they are definitely not optimal for children with an extreme fear. Instead, research has found that in order to help combat the fear from children visiting dental offices, dentists can turn off overhead office lights and headlamps, project slow-moving visual effects onto the ceiling and play soothing music. Rather than using the traditional means of securing children to a dental chair, using a seat cover that looks more inviting such as a butterfly whose wings wrap around the child, providing them with a comforting, deep-pressure hug, could be beneficial and more inviting to children.

Visiting the dentist is very important in keeping up with your dental health. Although it may seem difficult to bring your child to the dentist, it is crucial that children form healthy dental habits starting at a young age. Read more about making trips to the dentist easier for your children here. 

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