Cosmetic Dentistry In New York Can Fix Any Tooth Problem

November 1, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crowns are tooth covers that are placed over a damaged tooth or implant in order to restore the natural look, shape and color of the missing or damaged tooth. They are individually customized, so that they fit in the mouth and match the color of surrounding teeth. This can be a great way to restore a full smile.

The New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is the premier place for all cosmetic dental procedures. We can fix any kind of tooth problem and give people a beautiful smile. Our memorable smiles have graced magazine covers, television and movie screens, but we work with people from all walks of life.

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The Benefits Of Dental Crowns In New York

Dental crowns are just one procedure that we use to restore smiles, but crowns have many advantages. Here are a few:

1) Natural-Looking

Crowns very effectively recreate the look of natural teeth by replicating the slight translucency of natural tooth material. They can improve the appearance of cracked, missing, broken or discolored teeth, restoring a very natural-looking smile.

2) Durable

Crowns can last for many years, especially if the patient takes good care of them. They are sturdy and won’t slip or slide around, because they are held in place with strong cement, or sometimes they are anchored in place with a bridge.

It is recommended that people avoid clenching or grinding their teeth, but with normal use, they should last a very long time.

3)  Comfortable

Crowns offer a much greater degree of comfort over dentures, because they are stable and will not irritate the gums. Dentures can shift around, rubbing against the jawbone, cheeks and gums, all of which can cause discomfort or make the mouth sore over time.

4)  Confidence

Crowns can boost confidence by restoring a normal-looking smile. Having teeth that are discolored, broken, decaying or missing can make people self-conscious. They might try to hide their smile, cover their face with their hand when laughing, or just avoid many social situations altogether.

With crowns, there is no need to feel uncomfortable smiling or showing teeth in front of other people.  This can help people to be more confident and more outgoing.

The New York Center For Cosmetic Dentistry can recommend crowns or numerous other procedures to create a great smile, no matter what damage or problems there might be (. To request an appointment, Call Us At 212-288-4455 Today!

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