How Crowns Can Beautify Your Smile And Improve Tooth Health

April 11, 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crowns

Whether for health or cosmetic purposes, dental crowns are very popular today. They can strengthen teeth or even reshape them after a chip or break. Additionally, crowns can make your smile more beautiful by covering cracks or discolorations.

Thanks to modern technology, crowns are now more comfortable and durable. Also, there are several options for crown materials.

Porcelain crowns can match the coloring of your teeth, leaving a natural-looking appearance. Damaged front teeth or teeth that have been worn down over time can be capped with a crown to make them more aesthetically pleasing, helping you smile with confidence. Crowns cover the entire tooth, replacing the original shape and color with a new, beautiful cap.

Gold and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns also can help protect the teeth after a cavity or structural damage. With so many options available, patients have the freedom to choose a crown material that not only meets their health goals but also complements their style and taste.

If you are considering a crown treatment, or if you want to replace or repair an existing cap, call the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today at 212-288-4455 to request an appointment!

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