Dental Infections May Increase Risk Of Brain Aneurysms, New Study Finds

December 20, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental News

We all know that dental infections can be bad for our teeth…But can they cause brain aneurysms?  According to a husband-and-wife research team from Tampere, Finland, they can.

Liisa and Mikko Pyysalo have spent most of their professional careers studying the connection between oral infections and cerebral hemorrhages. With the help of an expert research group comprised of dentists, microbiologists, coroners, and neurosurgeons, the pair completed their most comprehensive study to date. The results?

Of the 36 samples of cerebral hemorrhages they collected and analyzed, half of them contained evidence of dental infection bacteria. The results were surprising, since dental bacteria is supposed to remain in the mouth.  Finding such a high proportion of it in the brains of those that suffered aneurysms helps establish a clear link, or at least is indicative of one.

The results of the study add to the growing body of knowledge regarding the affects dental infections have on our general health. Previous studies have already shown that oral infections may increase the risk of premature birth and cardiovascular disease. Research has even uncovered a link between some joint infections and dental infections.

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