The Interesting History Of Porcelain Veneers In New York City

February 6, 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers have become one of the most influential and useful innovations in the field of dentistry. With a relatively simple treatment, veneers can provide just about anyone with a bright and beautiful smile, correcting broken, discolored, chipped and crooked teeth in just a couple of visits.

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From Origin To Innovation: Veneers Come To New York City

Dental veneers began as essentially an actor’s prop in Hollywood, a vital tool for makeup artists to use in creating specific looks for characters. In the 1930s, there weren’t many cosmetic dental procedures available for correcting problems that actors or actresses had with their teeth. And in an age when smoking was common, there were a lot of unsightly tooth problems.

Fortunately, a dentist in California came up with a rather ingenious solution. He used porcelain to create a set of thin veneers that could glue over an actor’s real teeth to give the appearance of a clean and beautiful smile. This became known as the “Hollywood smile.”

However, these early veneers were temporary, used only while the actor or actress was filming a movie. Afterward, they were removed. The bond was far too weak to function as a normal tooth. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1980s that a bonding process was invented that could attach veneers permanently.

Suddenly, dental veneers weren’t just a prop to hide bad teeth from the camera; they were now a long-term solution, available to pretty much anybody and not just actors. Since then, the process of creating and applying veneers has only become more refined. It’s now safer, more affordable and more attractive than ever.

Although porcelain veneers remain popular in Hollywood, they are now available to anyone from the west coast to New York City, so it’s possible for people from all walks of life to have a bright and perfect smile with just a few visits to the dentist. Porcelain works well because it has a slight translucence—just like natural teeth—so people won’t even be able to tell the veneer isn’t your normal tooth.

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