Invisalign Provides Aesthetic To Straightening Your Teeth

January 30, 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Invisalign

Braces are typically a burden for the torment of teenage years, so when it comes to straightening your teeth as an adult, the thought of wearing traditional braces can be unsettling. The revolutionary technology of Invisalign has changed that and now adults and even teenagers can skip having a mouth full of metal and instead realign your teeth with invisible mouthpieces.

Invisalign repositions your teeth using customized plastic aligners that gradually shift teeth. The process is simple, inconspicuous and much less pain is experienced that that of traditional braces.

The invisible aligners are completely clear and can be removed at any time to eat or drink. The flexibility to remove and clean your teeth and the clear plastic pieces provides more comfort, a quicker oral care routine, and easier access to cleaning than wire braces. As an adult, the aesthetic of a beautiful smile is important and just because you have braces doesn’t mean that you have to give that confidence up. Invisalign is a great option to beautify teeth and skip the embarrassment of bad photos, uncomfortable wires in your mouth and unbearable time cleaning, flossing and manicuring your braces.

After completing your straightening procedure with Invisalign, it is necessary to continue upkeep by occasionally wearing an aligner to retain straightness and positioning of teeth.

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional wire braces and can provide the same benefit of straightening and beautifying your smile, but in a much less conspicuous manner. If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign, call the NY Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today at 212-288-4455.

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