The Seven Physical Traits That Are Most Attractive to Both Men and Women

August 12, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry

Beauty may come from the inside, but outer beauty certainly doesn’t hurt. Recent studies show that the most universally recognized characteristic of physical attractiveness for both men and women is general health. Basically, if you look like you’ve been eating your apple a day, you’re golden.

Still, “healthy” doesn’t give you much to work with, so here are a few specific physical traits that will have you on a date every night:

Clear Skin

There’s a reason why everybody hated being a teenager (besides high school and hormones) and that’s acne. Around the world, clear skin is a dominant trait in terms of what both sexes find attractive. Clean or cover up any acne, rashes or blemishes for the best response.

Good Hair

Thick, lustrous hair is a big factor in generating that first spark. In women, this often translates into having long hair, but the key factor seems to be that it’s shiny and full. You’ll notice that these words are also those that your hairdresser uses to describe healthy hair. So, don’t skimp out on hair care!


This is something that everybody can try to achieve without developing body dysmorphic disorder. Cleanliness and the clear effort to care for one’s own body, hair, dentistry, skin and general appearance translates well at speed-dating events. Good personal hygiene reflects a certain level of self-care that, presumably, partners would like to see projected onto the relationship. Plus, your breath smells better.


Remember all those times your mom yelled at you to sit up straight? It turns out that she was right – men and women respond far more positively to potential partners with erect posture than to those who are slouched. This probably has to do with various factors, but consider the different attitudes expressed by personal posture; a slouch seems bored and uninterested while good posture projects engagement and energy.

The Body Issue

Good news – humans respond universally to bodies with a little more heft to them than the fashion magazines might lead you to believe. In men, women seem to prefer bodies that are large and strong, while men seem to respond more to full-bodied women with larger hips and a generous butt, which means that ice cream is totally back on the table.

Faces Don’t Matter

Faces are easily “offset” by the other points on this list, so you can stop stressing about whether or not your nose is too big.


Across the board, the most consistent physical trait to garner positive attention is a nice smile. In fact, smiles are often marked as the most important characteristic to determine attractiveness. People who smile more are better liked by the opposite sex.

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