Three Reasons Why You Need a Smile Makeover

May 24, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Makeover

Is your smile all that it can be?  Cosmetic dentistry has become more and more popular as people realize that the smile they portray to the world can make a huge difference in how people respond and interact to them.  Many people are going to their dentists and asking that they be given a smile makeover.  At the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are experts in transforming people’s smiles.  If your smile isn’t as beautiful as you’d like, here are three reasons you might want to think about cosmetic dentistry.

You’ll Get Ahead at Work

Seventy four percent of people say that a smile that is not attractive can impede a person’s business or career success.  It’s not fair that something like your smile can influence your career aspects, but the reality is that it can.  People with white, straight teeth are seen as more attractive, and we live in a society where attractiveness usually wins the day.  If your teeth are damaged or not up to par, a smile makeover may be all you need to boost your career.

You’ll Have More Dates

Almost a hundred percent (99.7) of adults consider an attractive smile an important personal asset.  In fact, in a survey conducted for, bad teeth was the second most popular reason (after bad grammar) that people will not date someone.  Knowing that, it only makes sense to have some cosmetic dentistry procedures done if your teeth aren’t straight and white.

You’ll Feel Good About Yourself

The average woman smiles 62 times a day (a man smiles an average of 8 times a day—but that’s another story).  And since about 23 percent of people think they look better with their mouth closed, it’s easy to see how a perfect smile can make you feel good about yourself.  And when you’re self-confident, you’ll likely enjoy life more.  A smile makeover can give you the self-confidence you need to live that perfect life.

At New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are experts at giving people a smile makeover.  If you’re ready to change your smile, and your life, then call us for an appointment today.



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