Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Decay with Fluor Protector

November 14, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental News, Dental Tips

One of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust, the synthesized version of fluoride is commonly added to drinking water. This is done to reduce the prevalence of tooth decay in local populations. Water fluoridation is particularly important to children, who are far more susceptible to tooth decay than adults. Why is this?

Because the enamel that covers baby teeth is porous and immature, plaque acids can break it down with relative ease. That is why children get more dental caries on average than adults. However, both groups may be at increased risk of cavities because they are drinking less tap water than before.

The bottled water craze has resulted in lower exposure to fluoride for most Americans. Fortunately, there are supplemental products we can use to get the fluoride we need without having to drink tap water.

Fluor Protector N is a new fluoride varnish system that guards against erosion, hypersensitivity, and tooth decay. When applied to the teeth, the solution coats the dental enamel and releases fluoride soon after. Sold in multi-dose bottles, the solution is suitable for children and adults with normal and sensitive teeth.

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