How to Save Money On Dental Care

December 26, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental Tips

As important as it is to overall human health, oral care is rarely covered by traditional insurance.  According to most dental professionals, that is the number one reason why dental costs continue to rise. It is also the reason why millions of Americans haven’t seen a dentist in several years!

The problem is at or near epidemic levels for the poor and elderly, since most cannot afford the cost of dental care. Even Medicare, the enormous federal insurer for the disabled and for adults 65 and older, doesn’t cover regular dental care—which means that tens of millions of Americans, many of them poor, face hefty out-of-pocket costs when they see the dentist.


As bad as things may be, there are few reliable ways to save on dental care. All of them involve some payment, but the right dental discount or savings plan should pay for itself after only a few visits.  To shop for these plans online, visit

Children, adults, and senior citizens can also save money on checkups and dental procedures at dental school clinics. On average, the fee for routine or specialty cares should only be about half of what you would pay at a dentist’s office.

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