How Zoom Whitening In New York City Can Improve Your Smile

January 6, 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Teeth Whitening

There’s an overwhelming number of products that claim to whiten your smile, including over-the-counter pastes, gels and pens. It can take up to two weeks or longer for some of these products to be effective. But Zoom whitening in New York City can give you a bright, beautiful smile in only one hour.

Zoom whitening repairs tooth discoloration caused by certain medications, excessive fluoride and some foods and drinks. At theNew York City Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, patients can schedule Zoom whitening appointments to achieve the look they’re after. To schedule a consultation about teeth whitening, Call Us At 212-288-4455 Today!

During the appointment, your dentist will apply a whitening solution to the front of your teeth. Then,light from a special lamp safely sets the solution. Sometimes, patients experience slight sensitivity to extreme temperatures, which generally disappears in one or two days.

Zoom whitening cannot change the appearance of existing crowns or porcelain veneers. Lightening bonding may be effective when patients have dental restorations.

Treatments Available With New York City Dentistry

In addition to whitening your teeth, you can pursue New York City dentistry for many other improvements. For example,we can repair chipped or cracked teeth with porcelain veneers or composite bonding. Porcelain veneers adhere to the front of each individual tooth while composite resins reshape teeth by bonding to them.

Crooked teeth and bite problems can be corrected with an Invisalign makeover. Your dentist will take a mold of your mouth, which will be the template for the custom, clear trays. Patients wear the trays for about one year, switching them out every couple of weeks as teeth shift into place.

Other popular treatments include crowns and bridges. Crowns fit over damaged teeth to restore the original size and shape. Bridges replace missing teeth. For information about crowns and bridges, CLICK HERE.

Patients with missing teeth can also pursue dental implants for a more permanent solution.The best way to find out which treatments will work best for you is to schedule a consultation. Computer imaging can show you what results are possible. Your dentist can even give you a trial smile by using a wax-like material.

There is no reason for anyone to resign themselves to a smile that does not make them happy. To schedule a consultation and find out what treatments are available to you at New York City Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Call Us At 212-288-4455 Today!

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