I consider myself extremely discerning about appearances, so I was nervous about having work done on my teeth. But Dr. Layliev quickly earned my complete trust. Not only is he extremely meticulous, thorough and diligent, he is a true artist, who made sure even my temporary veneers looked impeccable. He’s also just a sweet, warm-hearted person who always took time to address my questions or concerns and never rushed or cut corners to make my smile absolutely perfect–and it is!! Dr. Layliev–thank you for all your hard work!

– Amy , Writer

I came to Dr. Layliev several months before my wedding desperately hoping that he could somehow do what three years of braces couldn’t. I assumed it would take months to get my teeth even close to picture-ready. Wrong! In four visits, my teeth were perfect. I still have trouble believing it. Dr. Layliev has a calming ease about him that made visits a pleasure and his ardent insistence on perfection made me feel as though he were working not on my teeth, but his own. Not only did Dr. Layliev close the previously triumphant front gap; but he also remedied three years of dental neglect, created a guard to help me stop grinding my teeth at night, and gave me a take-home whitening kit so I could freshen up right before the wedding. It’s almost inconceivable how quickly and attentively he addressed every issue and his intuition was always spot-on. My teeth are gorgeous a nd I feel confident going into the big day. Thank you, Dr. Layliev.

– Sara , Law student
New York

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to Dr. Layliev who performed numerous procedures for me. Whether it was a routine visit or an emergency he was always available for me. Being a perfectionist myself I can confidently say that the work that Dr. Layliev did was excellent. His knowledge and kindness have made working with him a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend him!

– Polina ,Fashion Executive
New York

I initially found Dr. Layliev through an internet search and read each and every review and although impressed about all the praise he received I must say I was a little skeptical. Now, after being his patient for quite some time, I have to say that he deserves every accolade he receives. Dr. Layliev is an extraordinary Dentist who is a perfectionist and a master at his craft. He genuinely cares about your well-being and will not allow you to leave his office unless you are 100% satisfied. You will not find a better dentist.  Dr. Layliev is not only an outstanding Dentist but also an extremely nice, caring and compassionate person. His entire staff also deserves the highest praise starting with Valentina the receptionist who is always friendly and accommodating to his outstanding technician ,Shayla, who somehow actually makes having your teeth cleaned an enjoyable experience. Shayla, like Dr. Layliev, takes her time in explaining to you what is about to take place and listens very carefully to what you have to say.  Finally, Dr. Layliev’s assistant, Stephanie, who took care of me on my very first visit to the office, is extremely knowledgeable and caring and is such a nice person that she on her own convinced me that I made the right choice in picking Dr. Layliev as my dentist. I truly can’t say enough nice things about Dr. Layliev and his staff and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

-Arthur, Glen Head, NY

“I came all the way from India with a very serious issue with my front two teeth. I had to trust in someone after three dentists had already caused damage to my healthy teeth. It was an emergency situation and I didn’t trust anyone back home. I stumbled upon the NYCCD website and couldn’t have been happier. Dr. Layliev not only worked on restoring the health of my teeth but actually patiently worked on making them look their best.

Sometimes you take a chance because, how do you know who is actually good through a website? I must say I’m glad I did my research and found a one of a kind gentleman and true artist par excellence. The staff truly cares about your well being and no matter how long it takes in my experience, they give you exactly what you want. Extremely reasonable for the level of work. I would highly recommend NYCCD to anyone who needs a fantastic dentist.”

– Dilshad P., Therapist
Mumbai, India

“It is with utmost pleasure that I write this review about Dr. Layliev. Dr. Layliev’s expertise along with his eye for perfection are unsurpassed by specialists in his field. For 40 years, I was too embarrassed and insecure of my smile because of a large gap between my front two teeth. This was always problematic since my job requires a lot of talking. When I met Dr. Layliev, he explained to me that the best way to fix my imperfection was to bond my teeth.

Before he began transforming my smile, he thoroughly explained the process and placed temporary molding on my teeth so I knew exactly what the final result will look like. After Dr. Layliev completed my look and handed me a mirror, I was so emotional. He not only changed my smile and my entire look, he changed my life forever because of the confidence I now have. Dr. Layliev’s personable demeanor along with his knowledgeable approach set him apart from all other dentists I’ve met. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top dentist in Manhattan.”

– Galina O., Teacher
New Jersey

“I found NYCCD by conducting a bit of on-line research. I had a chipped bit of a porcelain veneer to attend to. After living in Houston for the better part of 25 years, I was apprehensive about finding a dentist as wonderful as my dentist in Houston (the splendid Ronald Konig). The office is elegant; it’s located in a town home and has a serene feeling. The ladies at the reception desk were capable, efficient, and friendly. I was seen by Emanuel Layliev exactly on time. He quickly analyzed the problem, recommended the least complicated (and least expensive) course of action, and then with great care and skill made the repair.

He and his technician were friendly and engaging. I returned a few weeks later for a teeth cleaning. It was expertly done by a wonderful technician, Shayla. After the cleaning, Dr. Layliev examined his earlier work (about which I had no complaint) and determined to do a bit of polishing, at no charge. Each time, I paid by credit card for the full amount of the services. Full payment is required. I received a partial reimbursement from my dental insurance (the claim was submitted by NYCCD). No doubt there are many places in or near New York City where the work can be performed for less cost.

However, knowing that I am in capable hands means a great deal to me, and the extra expense is well worth it. I once had some very questionable dental work performed by a dentist with whom I was not familiar, and it is a mistake I intend never to duplicate. I am pleased to have found dental nirvana in NYC.”

– Lawrence F., Investment Banker

“It’s been long overdue for me to write a review about my favorite dental office in the world, and believe me I’ve been to a few in different countries as I’ve moved around a few times. Aside from being extremely professional, everybody in this office is very friendly and welcoming, and in a fast-paced city like NYC they actually have all the time in this world for you. I have been worked on by both Dr. Golub and Dr. Layliev and they are both unique in their own ways. Dr. Golub blends in his artistic abilities and talent with his dental experience and gives you the best advice with your aesthetic work and brings it to life. He makes your hours on dental chair fly by entertaining you with his fun stories and sometimes some videos on youtube. Ccool, right?! And, Dr. Layliev is a perfectionist who would go out of his way to accomplish magically impeccable work. (He actually redid some work for me without me even complaining about it – not to mention completely free of charge). Glad I have an excuse to go back there regularly for check ups/cleaning with Shayla.

Overall I can’t tell you enough about this office; have your work done here by professionals once and for all. They will make you smile, and will give you a beautiful smile! I’ll be back here for the rest of my life no matter where in the world I will be living. Thank you guys!”

– Parisa A., Design student

“I just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful teeth!! I don’t think they could have come out better, and that’s solely a result of all the time and thoughtful attention you put into them. I am so lucky to have found you! Thanks, too, for fixing the veneer on bottom, that’s extremely nice of you.”

– Tina M.
Greenwich, CT

“First of all, I just want to tell you how profoundly you have changed Robin’s life with her glorious new smile. She looks and feels fabulous and for a young girl that really means a lot. You did a ridiculously great job, as always, and we are so very grateful for your artistry, and “bedside” manner. I thank you, Robin thanks you. Thank you. The teeth are spectacular!”

– Rina & Robin , Mom and Student

“Dr. Golub-Evans is not only a warm and friendly person, but he is a true artist. He turned my yellow child like teeth into a mature and radiant smile. He carefully listened to every one of my requests and gave me a smile more perfect for my face than I ever could have imagined. I feel more confident than I ever have in my life and I can’t stop smiling. I am truly grateful.”

– Debby , Portfolio Investment Analyst
New York

“You have got such beautiful teeth,” is the compliment I get most. People might compliment you in a different fashion with various motivations, but this one is the most common and genuine one I get. “They are so white, gleaming—just perfect,” and I always respond, with a huge smile of course, that “I am just lucky, thank you.” But, I leave out that I’m lucky to have the best dentist, my honored Dr. Golub!”

– Wen , Flight Attendant


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