“You are the most refreshing and wonderful dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being worked on by you and Dr. Layliev. I am truly taken back by your email and the kindness it shows. I can honestly say, up to this day, I’ve never in my life received a gift from a dentist. My dental problem truly was a very long, expensive, and at times, dark road (over 2 years to be exact!), and you and Dr. Layliev were the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy with my finished product and with my new pearly whites and I am having a ball flashing them all over town! I find myself staring into the mirror and not believing what is looking back at me in my mouth. My two caps look far better than veneers I have seen others wearing. I am so, so happy with the final product.

You run an incredibly efficient and talented office, and Sandra is the most professional, patient, and wonderful person I have ever dealt with at a dentist’s office. Your entire staff is a dream team. My mom is coming in to see you next, as she absolutely loves the transformation in my smile. When I went to my mom’s spa in Larchmont the women were amazed at how beautiful my teeth were. And I am so proud to give your name and the office’s phone number out to others.

Not only are you and Dr. Layliev exceptional dentists, and artists, but you are my new heroes. You gave me my confidence back. A million thank you’s will never suffice for how grateful I am that I came to you and your office. I feel so blessed to have been worked on by such craftsmen.”

– Ciara , Law Student
Westchester, N.Y.

“What can I say, but “THANK GOODNESS” I found Dr. Layliev. I noticed that I started to have issues with my teeth. Being a model/actor, I needed someone who can understand and help me with my concerns…I’m so glad I made that call to Dr. Manny (easier to pronounce) and made that consultation/app’t. He’s such a nice person who sincerely cares, listens to you, professional and ahead of the times..He’s knowledgeable, takes pride in what he does and it has to be perfect. Oh, and…IT DOESN’T HURT! The staff are just wonderful people! It’s nice to go there and be greeted with a warm Hello and a Smile. The office is comfortable and has a relaxing environment. No stress there! I found my new dentist just in time! Mahalo Nui Loa.”

-Barbara , Model/actress

“I’ve never met a dentist that I actually look forward to going to see. He is gentle, accommodating and genuinely concerned about the patient’s well being. All that in addition to he is a true artist and good at what he does.”

Dr. Layliev has been a life saver in fixing so much of my previous dental work done by doctors who don’t have the same keen eye and attention to detail. Thank you Layliev…big smiles all because of YOU!!”

– Kayte , Project Manager
New Jersey

“A terrible experience left me with a bone-deep fear of dentists. My teeth were grey & black as a child, and yellow & pitted as an adult, so after seeing an article about NYCCD & its caring staff I thought this might be the office that could help me (though it took years to gather the courage to go for a consultation).

All my life I’d equated dentists with misery – just sitting in the chair would start my trembling and tears. But Dr. Layliev changed all that. I didn’t realize what a burden this flaw in my appearance had become until he lifted it from my shoulders. His compassionate care helped me confront and overcome my crippling fear.
I never thought I’d have a smile I could show, let alone show off! Friends can’t put their finger why I seem different; some say I look years younger and attribute it to my now constant smile. Most telling: I wore a cream colored blouse recently – for the first time my teeth were the whiter of the two!”

– Anne , Technical designer
New Jersey

‘Dear Dr. Golub and Dr. Layliev,

I wanted to send you both a little note telling you how happy I am undergoing treatment with you. After a long journey, I feel so comfortable coming to your office. I can feel the compassion, kindness, honesty and dedication to the craft, in your office that I rarely see elsewhere and I appreciate it (and you!) so much. I’m already loving my Invisalign and really looking forward to having a beautiful smile soon!!”

– Pooja , Lifestyle Consultant
New York

“All of my life, I had horrible spaces in my teeth that even three years of braces could not correct. That’s where Dr. Golub came in. Weary of any dental work because I’m afraid of pain, I hesitated to even go in for a consultation. However, I figured that if I didn’t do this for myself, that no one would and I had nothing to lose just going in and meeting Dr. Golub and getting a feel of the atmosphere of the office and staff. I went in, and after meeting him, I was hooked and I knew this was the place for me. The procedures went smoothly and I could not be happier. The compliments on my teeth are never ending and even though that wasn’t the point of doing the work, it always makes me smile more.”

– Diana , Realtor
New York

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