“Hi, Dr. Jeff! I just wanted to let you now how much I LOVE my new teeth!!! I’ve always dreamed of getting my teeth done but never thought I would because I didn’t think I could afford it and I never knew what dentist to go to (so many people’s teeth look worse after they get them done)!! But you were so generous with your pricing and SUCH a talented dentist that I really lucked out!! A little dream came true for me, thanks to you Everyone loves the way they look! Words I’ve heard are “Perfect,” “Natural,” & “Amazing.” And I agree with all of that! I feel like you ratcheted me up a notch by giving me an exceptional smile. I’m SO excited!!! I feel like I’ve been miling like an idiot since I left your office!! LOL. Thanks again! And I’ve had the most pleasant and enjoyable times coming to visit your office. Who knew going to the dentist could be so great!!! xxoo”

– Rachael , Actress
New York. NY

“I had a large space between two of my front teeth and had gone to a previous dentist to have it bonded. I was unhappy with the results (bonding material came out, not to mention pain and bleeding of the gums). I worked up the courage to undergo the process of bonding once again, but this time with Dr. Layliev. It was an entirely different scenario with him. He was professional, soothing and my teeth are perfectly bonded 5 months later – minus any discomfort. It was a smooth process and it looks great!!”

– Monica , Clinical Psychologist
New York, NY

“All I can tell you is that your daughter is right, you are a super hero! I thought of you and my beautiful new smile all day long…. Truly, I love love love love my new teeth! I feel ten years younger…you are amazing, thank you so much, Jeff!”

– Brook , Banker
Rye, NY

“Dear Dr. Jeff,
I want to emphasize that I could not be happier with my smile. I have had more complements on my smile this past week than the previous 33 years combined, including a simple “wow” and a smile from one of the dentists that works in my clinic.

As you said, “we do nice work once in a while.” Amazing.

Thanks again.”

– Michael , Physician
Tampa, FL

“Dear Dr. Jeff,
I just wanted to say a final thank you for all your hard work with my (rubbish British) teeth.

I am absolutely delights with the final result and wanted to thank you and your team for all your patience, hard work, and artistry. My teeth are now splendid and I get remarks almost daily on how wonderful they look.

I look forward to seeing you in the future and wish you all the very best for the rest of 2010.”

– Humphrey Banker

“Not only is the atmosphere of the cozy 71st Street townhouse so relaxing that you might forget you’re at the dentist, but the results of my dentistry were just so astonishingly successful that I wish I had known about this exceptional practice years ago.

After a year on the Invisalign program that had fixed about 80% of a teeth-spacing problem, I was pretty happy with the results. But then Dr. Layliev went the extra mile, and bonded my teeth perfectly– no space, exact match. When I looked in the mirror, I was literally speechless. 100% perfect. An issue I’d had for twenty years, gone. How often can a person count going to the dentist as a truly wonderful experience? But that’s what you get at NYCCD.”

– Adele , Freelance writer

“I spent my first 38 years smiling at the world, and the last 38 years hiding it. Thanks to a few hours in Dr. Layliev’s chair, I’ll spend the rest of my life smiling. A good friend recommended Dr. Layliev to me. Let me be a good friend and recommend him to you.”

– Larry Ellis , Actor/singer/teacher,
New York City

“Dr. Layliev and the staff at NYCCD did an amazing job whitening and bonding my teeth. They spent so much time making my smile absolutely perfect! I’ve gotten tons of compliments and I have so much more confidence now. Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful experience!”

– Jen , Registered Nurse
New York

“This was the most exciting and best thing that ever happened to me except getting married. Dr. Golub gets an A+ in all areas: for superior work, personality, and congeniality; as do all of his assistants and office personnel. Every time I look into the mirror I will always remember this experience was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

– Judith , Teacher
New York

“Dr. Golub is the master! He truly cares about his patient. He is a perfectionist; his work is phenomenal and he tailors his work to the individual. I love my new teeth! Thank you, Dr. Golub!”

– Leah , CPA
Rhode Island

“I am writing to thank Dr. Golub for the great job you have done for me. People say that looks don’t necessarily change your life, which may be true, but let’s not forget the fact that people often judge you by appearance, especially on making first impressions. When you’re trying to land that new job, or maybe even a date–just about anything in life–looking good makes you feel more comfortable and more willing to take the pressure that life has put on us. A smile is the Queen of good looks, or like the crown that tops a King’s head. I cannot count the number of times I walked by a nice girl or a good friend and thought to myself, “I wish I could give her the most beautiful smile in the world”…if I had one. Now, I do! Thank you for everything!”

– Angelko , Waiter
New York

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