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-Haley Williams

NYCCD_-_testimonial_imageI’m so thankful for the work that you did. I felt so confident and beautiful on my wedding day because of my new smile. Thank you for giving me the assurance to smile big and wide as I begin my new journey as a wife! 🙂
I felt so beautiful and poised with my new smile, and I sincerely thank you and your team so much.

-Lihn, NJ


NYCCD_-_testimonial_imageThank you so much for the beautiful bonding that you did on my front teeth! After living with stained bonding for years, I knew that I needed to do something before my wedding and am so grateful that I found NYCCD. Your ability to determine the proper look for my smile, attention to detail, kindness and patience made it an amazing experience. I just received my wedding pictures back, and I am thrilled with the results. My smile is drastically improved and still very natural. I did not think such amazing results were possible with bonding, and now can’t believe that I waited so long to come in. I look forward to coming back to see you soon and can’t thank you enough for the wonderful results. Thank you!

-Christine, NY


Thank you for your wonderful friendship and perfect treatment, you are a true artist in your chosen profession, all your staff are super friendly and every visit with you all is a great experience.

-Barry, NYC


I don’t normally write reviews but I had such a positive experience when I had my Veneers replaced by Dr. Layliev I want to recommend him highly. I had been disappointed with a previous dentist who had done a poor job with my veneers and researched top cosmetic dentists before going to Dr. Layliev. He is the most professional and patient dentist I have ever seen and worked with me for over three years to make sure my dental issues were resolved. When he couldn’t resolve an issue or wanted a second opinion he referred me to colleagues he trusted. He’s also an incredible artist and gave me the most beautiful veneers. He’s a perfectionist and took the time to make sure my veneers were exactly the right shape and color. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

-Lila, Italy

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Layliev. 6 years ago I decided I had to do something about my teeth. Nobody recommended me to New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, I just happend to search on google and this was one of the places that showed up. I decided to go for a consultation and the minute I met Dr. Layliev, I knew I was in good hands and I knew he was going to be the one to change my life. He is extremely kind, humble, gentle, an absolutely extraordinary dentist. I brag about him any chance I get to anyone who will listen! I had very short teeth with way too much gum tissue and he gave me such a beautiful Hollywood smile in 1 appointment. The girl who never smiled in pictures and always covered her mouth when laughing was smiling all over NYC! I love showing off my teeth. I feel confident and so so pretty.
A month ago I decided I wanted a bigger, broader smile and he enhanced my teeth even more resurfacing my bonding making them brighter and bigger! I will not allow anybody to touch my teeth except for Dr. Layliev. He is a perfectionist and a true artist. I’m so happy I found him…I don’t know what I would do without him. I HIGHLY recommend him for anyone searching for that one special dentist to make you look your ultimate best and give you that perfect, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. He is someone who I appreciate very much and I am truly forever grateful for. His work of art is now apart of me forever and I’m so proud to say he was the one to do it. He’s my Hero and I have no idea what I would do without him….I’m really happy, he gave me a much happier life. Every time I smile and look in the mirror I am always reminded of him and appreciate everything he has done for me.

Thank you Dr Layliev for changing my life for the better.

-Trishala, NY, Stylist

I am BEYOND overjoyed with my new teeth. I actually cannot stop smiling and even noticed that I was smiling as I was walking alone on the street to work this whole week. They’re GLORIOUS and truly a gift that you have given me. Thank you so much for getting every detail right – they really seem to just match me and my face perfectly!!

-Robin, Westport, CT

New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry was nothing short of excellent in all senses of the word.
Dr. Layliev is a kind, caring and compassionate person, and moreover an outstanding dentist and cosmetic master. I had several consultations and the work was performed over a few sessions, including some follow ups where revisions etc. were made. Each and every time, and despite my pickiness, Dr. Layliev was friendly and receptive to my feedback and performed the modifications gently, to the best of his abilities and judgement. I am very pleased with the final outcome, and have certainly found a practice to continue to visit in the future.  It is rare to come across somebody so meticulous who takes such pride in what they do yet remains so humble, particularly in New York City, and that’s what makes Dr. Layliev such a gem. The office is immaculate and all the support staff is excellent and friendly as well. All in all a great experience, backed by my highest recommendation.

-Sam, New York City

I don’t know if dental experience can get better than this. Dr. Layliev, Steph and Sheyla are outstanding. On my initial visit, Dr. Layliev lucidly explained the work to be done and executed it superbly over a month. He takes seriously any of your concerns and suggestions. The final results have surpassed my expectations. In addition to his exemplary professional qualities, Dr. L is extremely approachable, engaging and genuinely caring for his patients. Having found this place, I know that both my dental health and aesthetics are in good hands.

-Armine, New York, NY

Dear Dr. Layliev,
I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for my new smile. I am more than happy with my results and I just can’t stop smiling. You definitely made my dreams come true and I thank you. I hope you have a wonderful and happy new year.

– Dominique, Occupational Therapist, NY

As an infant I was born without both of my lateral incisors (the teeth next to my central teeth, so my canines which normally would be on the sides of my mouth were now front and center. This genetic abnormality made me resemble a vampire). All my life I hated my smile and I knew as an adult I would choose one special doctor that would help me learn to love my smile for the first time. At the age of 30 searching for the best doctor on the East Coast was no easy task, but I was diligent and after weeks of searching through hundreds of doctors online I found the site and reviewed Dr. Emanuel Layliev’s background and decided to meet him for a consult.
Upon my arrival from Maryland to New York the staff was surprising pleasant and Dr. Emanuel Layliev was the most humble doctor I’ve ever met in my short existence. He reassured me he could fix my smile, explained in detail how the process would proceed and answered all of my questions. I was sold as he flashed his “PERFECT” smile and told me I would be ok and I trusted his every word. He rushed my case with the lab and received my veneers in a week due to an upcoming surgery and placed my permanent veneers on 6/17/14. I was unprepared to look in the mirror for fear that I wouldn’t like the results, but when I did all I could do was cry. I was so overcome with joy that I sat in his chair and cried like an infant. I couldn’t believe it, but due to his expertise and craftsmanship he made me look like an entirely different person. They were simply beautiful and I walked out of the building floating on air.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Emanuel Layliev because he gave me my confidence back and I will spend the rest of my life telling anyone who will listen what a perfectionist he is. Thank you so very much Dr. Emanuel Layliev. You have no idea how much you’ve positively impacted my confidence. Everyday I get to wake up and smile without covering my mouth, or becoming self conscious about how I look. The power of self love is priceless and without a doubt I will be back for my bottom row. Even now i look in the mirror for traces of my old self and smile as I realize that old me is gone. Every time I smile, I am now reminded of you and how hard you worked to help me step out into the world with my head held high.

Forever grateful,

-Benaiah, Government Administration, Maryland.

Dear Dr. Layliev,

Hi Dr Layliev,

My husband and I have been so stressed for the past 9 years (since her accident) because we did not know how this would turn out. Thank goodness we were introduced to you! All our heartache went away when we saw the result! We (and Ricki) could not be happier and we have you to thank!!

With all our gratitude,

– Nicey and Steven, Long Island

Dear Dr. Layliev,

Thank you so much Dr. L. We very very lucky to have found you. It’s funny, years ago–after the initial work by Jeff–one day when Robin needed a touch up, only you were available to see her. We were both worried: how could anyone compare with the “best”?

But we actually loved the work you did for Robin. I remember you slightly altering the shape of two of her teeth and it was subtle but we are teeth people –big time– and loved the change. You made her child teeth a little more sexy and grown up by squaring them off, just as she was coming into her own as a young woman. It is that attention to detail that you possess just as your mentor did. And you will have the same success (though you already do!) in your career for sure. After that Robin only requested seeing you from then on.

– Rina, Connecticut

Dear Dr. Layliev,

I just got home from NY. Jeff and I were great friends. I know he is smiling down knowing that he made the right choice with you. And I know Jeff very well. He would be proud, as he should be. Thank you for giving me back a reason to smile, in more ways than one. You are an amazing dentist, and I can’t begin to tell you what it means for me to trust someone else with my teeth. Jeff and I talked a lot about this over dinners. He clearly was so diligent in picking his predecessor. I’m actually more proud of him than you! Please let me know what I can do to help promote you. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

– Julie, HR Marketing Leader

It was unlike any other dental office from the very first time I walked in to NYCCD. From the paintings on the walls to the exceptionally attentive staff and, of course, Dr. Layliev, who created a sense of partnership on a road to success rather than your routine doctor-patient relationship. All of it proved to make a difference when I look at myself in a mirror today. I do have a great smile and am reminded of that everyday by complements from people who knew me beforehand and others who didn’t. The results are truly beyond expectations. Thank you Dr. Layliev and thank you all at NYCCD! I know it is going to sound like a cliche but you are changing my life in a very exciting way…Thank you! Really!

– Yulia , Consultant

As expected, the results were great and I’m very happy! Dr. Emanuel took his time to make sure my teeth looked exactly the way I wanted them to. Once he was sure that I was satisfied, he told me take a week to see how I felt and to come back to his office anytime if I wanted to make any additional modifications. Overall, just a really great experience!

-Ana, Queens, NY


Dear Dr. Jeff, We were laughing and thought we’d make a cute present for you…the best thing in the picture are your teeth… Happy holidays
Beatrice and Chris, LA and New York
– Beatrice and Chris
LA and New York


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