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The Oral Health Consequences of Smoking

April 29, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental Tips

Smoking has many negative consequences, and oral health is one of the more common. Afterall, the mouth is used to inhale the tobacco. If you have been struggling to kick the habit, then perhaps this list of negative oral health consequences will make you think twice about smoking: • Tooth discoloration: smoking can seriously degrade Read More

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5 Surprising Habits That Are Destroying Your Teeth

March 29, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental Tips

We all know that soft drinks, chocolate, cakes, ice cream and other sugary treats are the cause of tooth destruction. However, you might be doing other things on a regular basis that are just as responsible for decaying your teeth. Here are 5 surprising habits that might be destroying your teeth: Cough drops: if you Read More

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All You Need to Know About Canker Sores

February 26, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Blog

A canker sore is medically known as an aphthous ulcer and it’s a type of mouth ulcer. They are most common in women and young adults, and are responsible for the majority of mouth related complaints. It is estimated that around 20-30% of the population experience Canker sores on a regular basis. How are canker Read More

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Sugar-Free Does Not Mean Damage-Free

January 27, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental Tips

Oral health experts are advising consumers of sugar-free drinks and confectionary to be wary of the health claims. Companies of such products would have you believe that the sugar-free aspect means their products are teeth-friendly – unfortunately, this might not be true. Studies carried out by the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre, based at the Read More

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How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For The Best Oral Care

February 14, 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental Tips

Electric toothbrushes have gained popularity recent years, but many people and dentists alike are still undecided on whether the manual or electric toothbrush provides better oral care. Both toothbrushes can keep teeth clean when used correctly, but there are some differences in the type of care. Manual Toothbrushes Manual toothbrushes have been on the market Read More

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