Restoring And Creating Beautiful Smiles With Dental Crowns

November 7, 2013 by Dr. Emanuel Blog, Dental Crowns

Dental crowns procedures can correct damaged teeth and restore smiles to be more natural and attractive. Crowns are customized covers that are placed over damaged, broken or missing teeth. They provide a number of benefits outside of creating a winning smile.

Smile Makeover In New York

The New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry (NYCCD) has developed a well-known reputation for creating perfect smiles. We have worked with many celebrities, and our work has graced television and movie screens. To schedule an appointment, Call Us At 212-288-4455 Today!

The art of the smile makeover is all about correcting crooked, broken or discolored teeth to give people a bright and beautiful smile. Dental crowns are among the more effective techniques that we use because they have so many benefits:

1) Look Natural – Crowns made of porcelain or composite resin have the luster and transparency of natural teeth, so they look real. Nobody can tell they are merely covers for damaged or broken teeth. Instead, it really does look like damaged teeth have been replaced with healthy, beautiful teeth.

2) Durable – Crowns are durable. High-quality work can last for decades and even a lifetime with proper care. They allow people to eat, talk and chew without worry.

3) Won’t Slip – Unlike dentures, which can slip and slide around in the mouth, crowns are anchored in place, so they won’t move around. Also, there’s no need to worry about taking them out at night.

4) Protection – Crowns cover damaged teeth, so they prevent further decay. They work as a kind of cap that encases the natural tooth—almost like a splint binding together the cracked or broken pieces. They also prevent plaque buildup.

5) Comfortable – Crowns are much more comfortable than dentures. Dentures sit on top of the jaw and gums, which can irritate and cause discomfort, but crowns are positioned and attached alongside other teeth. They won’t rub, scratch or annoy.

6) Restores Speech – Missing teeth or gaps in the mouth can affect speech patterns, producing a lisp. Crowns restore the natural tooth shape, so any speech hindrances are removed, and people are able to sound clearer when they talk.

These are just a few of the benefits provided by dental crowns. There are also many other procedures that we can use to address your particular needs.

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