Top 3 Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth

November 16, 2016 by Dr. Emanuel Layliev Blog, Dental Tips

Managing sensitive teeth is a constant battle and without the right toothpaste or routine dental care to help you manage your symptoms. Getting to the source of tooth pain may require a visit to your dentist and a review of lifestyle and eating habits that are contributing to enamel breakdown.

nyccd-novemberTo manage your symptoms at home between routine appointments with your dentist, learn more about the different types of toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth and how they work.


Potassium nitrate is the active ingredient in the popular toothpaste, Sensodyne. Potassium nitrate interacts with the nerve endings in exposed dentin to dull nerve pain and limit the pain signals that reach the brain. Dentin is the calcified part of your tooth just below the enamel.

Sensodyne also helps restore weakened enamel and helps rebuild acid-damage. This prevents further dentin exposure. The important thing to know when switching to Sensodyne is that potassium nitrate toothpaste takes two to four weeks to take effect, so stick with it.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

Another recommended brand is Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. This toothpaste works differently and may be more effective depending on the unique chemistry of your mouth and the reasons for your tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste like Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief actively rebuilds the mineral layers of the teeth to protect the sensitive nerve endings in exposed dentin.

The Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief uses a combination of arginine and calcium carbonate. The advantage of arginine-based toothpaste is that relief is more immediate.

Crest Sensi-Relief Whitening Plus Scope

If you’re looking for a toothpaste for sensitive teeth but still want the benefit of a whitening formula, try Crest Sensi-Relief Whitening Plus Scope. Like Sensodyne, this toothpaste uses potassium nitrate to dull tooth pain while it whitens gently by removing surface stains. Some Sensodyne users prefer Crest for the milder taste.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, choosing a toothpaste made to help you manage the problem, and contacting your dentist are great ways to find relief. 

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